3 'Eco' Minded Emerging Trends

In a search for emerging trends in the latest news, it's staggering how much 'Eco' everything dominates the headlines. This trend towards being friendlier to our planet isn't a passing fad; it's a movement that's here to stay. Global awareness in sustainable practices means we are not going to suddenly switch back to using plastic bags and harmful chemicals again. 

It's cool to be clean, and these trends prove it. Furniture makers are switching to sustainable materials while dental hygiene companies like Colgate boast about going vegan. What 'Eco' trends should our green industry be aware of? Here are a few to watch.

1. Plant-Based

People are opting for plant-based diets, products, and even fashion accessories. From head to toe, you can wear shoes made from hemp, slip into a bamboo-fiber sundress, and swing a weaved raffia handbag over your shoulder. Talk about #eco-elegant! 

As IGCs, landscapers, and growers, nobody gets more plant-based than our industry. Tap into this trending buzzword and use it in your social media campaigns, in-store signage, and online marketing efforts.

2. Going Native

If you read local newspapers from region to region, you will see how 'Eco' minded individuals are organizing in groups across North America.

People are passionate about protecting natural areas and trying to restore balance.

Recently, the Chicago Herald shared a story about the Garfield Farm Museum hosting its 35th annual Native Plants and Natural Area Management Seminar. The line-up included several experts in the field, including ecologists, botanists, and scholars.

The goal of these emerging groups is to educate the public on the importance of native plants, the threats of invasive species, and the effect that our human environments are having on our ecosystems. 

With this growing interest comes opportunities to offer this information to customers who share these concerns. 

Hosting seminars and workshops on the importance of beneficial and pollen-producing native plants can drive people into your store to learn more and purchase these items for their homes.


3. How Friendly are you?

We all know that we should be using our own refillable water bottles and skip the plastic straws in our drinks. It's become the norm in our daily lives to use less and recycle more. How are we doing our part in our businesses? How can we demonstrate that we practice the 'Eco' lifestyle to our customers?

Hotels are installing refillable soap dispensers in shower stalls and reducing the need for mini prepackaged everything. Coffee shops are switching to emission-free roasters to minimize their impact on the environment. These are two examples of how companies, no matter what their size, are making big changes in how they operate and serve their customer base.

Are plastic trunk liners the best option when we can use recycled paper that can be tossed into a compost bin? We can choose easy ways to become more 'Eco' Friendly, and in turn, help our customers feel better about the choice they're making when they shop with us.