In the News – Doing Business as Unusual

Adapt and Survive.

When faced with situations beyond our control, we can either choose to fold or adapt to the challenge laid out in front of us. When the dust settles, we may discover that being forced to do business in an unusual way has actually inspired us to create a whole new stream of income. 

IGCs across North America are all dealing with different mandates per their local governments, and these rules are changing by the hour. However, many are finding clever new ways to offer their products and services. 

Some of the ways businesses are adapting are to incorporate e-commerce into their marketing strategy. Traditionally, many IGCs have relied on seasonal influences at the mercy of Mother Nature. Now, in this new reality, regardless of which way the wind blows, we have to be open to change. 

Here are some ways your business can drum up sales during a time when "business as usual" is no longer the norm. 

Don't forget to create backyard planting combos for perennials and shrubs. These can be creative, too! How about putting together a Wellness Bundle with lavender for aromatherapy, "superfood" packs of edible kales and healthy greens, and a native berry-producing shrub?

If we consider that children are home from school, a combo that involves birds and butterflies with plants that attract them allows kids to get involved as well. Try a kid-friendly birdhouse kit that includes native plants birds love. Or, try a butterfly garden combo that includes both native plants and outdoor decor. 

The next step is to get these up onto your website and make it easy for your customers to order. Even if you don't have the right features to process payments online, creating a simple order-by-number system will allow phone-in orders to run more smoothly for your employees who are also trying to adapt to the new routine. 

The more you can make the shopping experience easy and fun for your customers, the better you'll be able to keep those sales coming in.