Promoting Gardens for Wellness

We are currently experiencing one of the most extraordinary events of our lifetime, which will be talked about for many generations to come. Here at American Beauties, our thoughts are with the many independent garden centers struggling to maintain their businesses while trying to be mindful of their staff and their customers. 

We are communicating with our growers who have concerns about how they will deal with the many greenhouses and fields of plants that may not make their way to their intended destinations. Of course, we are thinking about our own families and how we can best navigate through the next few days, weeks, and possibly months of unpredictability. 

One thing is for certain; our homes are our sanctuaries. They are the only environments we can control while everything else seems to be in chaos. The need to create a safe place for our families is the highest priority above everything else right now. 

Gardening and growing our own food will become more than just a hobby; it has the potential to secure our self-sufficiency if the current crisis persists. 

The upside, since there is always something good to come from every challenge, could be that people discover a renewed love of the outdoors—right in their own backyards. 

Key points we can promote to our customers about the benefits of gardening for wellness include:

We have an opportunity right now to encourage people to grow a garden that contributes to their health and personal environment. We can educate them on how they can curate a collection of plants that benefit both themselves and the ecosystem around them. 

Promoting the price of a plant is the least of our customers' concerns these days. Use the above points when communicating with customers so that they feel that they're not just buying a plant; they're investing in their wellness.