Selling Natives: Easy As 1, 2, 3

We are experiencing a global shift in how homeowners are caring for their homes and gardens. New regulations are cracking down on our use of chemical pesticides and replacing them with plant-based alternatives. Consumers are extra sensitive to their ecological footprint and are opting for cleaner products that match these values. Native plants fall perfectly into this eco-movement. They offer natural beauty, encourage ecology, and are simple to grow.

As retailers in an already green industry, we can easily adapt to meet these demands by changing how we market and sell our plants and products. Training your employees on how to sell native plants to eco-conscious customers is easy when you follow this straightforward "1-2-3" formula.


 1.  Evaluate: Qualifying the Customer

Asking thoughtful questions will help you evaluate the customer and what recommendations would best suit them. We often start with a basic question, like "sun or shade?" While this is important information to us, it really says very little about the customer.

Instead of trying to match what type of plant would best suit their aspect, try asking the customer a set of discovery questions that will uncover who they are.

It will become clear after a few questions if this is someone who would be open to native plants. These questions get them thinking beyond just throwing a plant into the ground; it makes them consider what kind of environment they wish to create.

Fussy gardeners may feel native plants are too common or prefer collecting hybrids. The target demographic for native plants will be people who are interested in a more natural, eco-minded garden. 

2.  Easy: Make Natives Easy to Find

Is your native plant selection well defined in your garden center? 

Our Independent Garden Center exclusive “Save the Pollinators” display program offers matching posters, bench tape, and handouts that echo the American Beauties Native Plants® branded pots. The visual appeal and educational information will make an impact in your retail environment, so your native plant selection stands out. With an American Beauties Native Plants® “Save the Pollinators” display, you can join the over 120 IGC’s who experienced almost 5x the native plant sales as compared to NOT displaying them together. Contact one of American Beauties Native Plants® licensed growers to learn more and sign up to get free P.O.P. material and a rebate check back at the end of the season! You can get PAID to display! FIND A GROWER HERE

Eco is 'in,' so even if your busy staff are not able to serve every customer personally, those shoppers who are seeking these options will spot them right away.


3.  Empower: You Can Do It!

As retailers, we need to stop thinking of millennials as teenagers. This massive buying demographic are now adults with young children of their own. Millennials are very aware of their impact on the planet and are a leading force in this switch to eco-sensitive products. Their choices about the environment they want for their families are reflected through the choices they make with their dollars.

This information gives the buyer an objective that goes beyond just trying to fill a corner in the backyard. The first time they spot the pollinator visiting the blooms they specifically planted just for them, it will feel like a win. Seeing how their choices are making a difference is a huge motivator. In turn, this will empower them to continue to choose native plants and build a sustainable garden.

Native plants align with the current trends of people taking action and choosing more natural options for both their home and garden. Applying these simple practices does not require a lot of time and effort. However, it can result in higher sales, happier customers, and a healthier planet. Get started today and download our PDF resource to help train your staff on how to sell native plants!

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