Victory Gardens 2.0 – The Movement Behind the Message

Currently, we're seeing a major shift in how our society is evolving. The movement to become self-sufficient has spurred people to get into their backyards and plant some edibles, just in case they find themselves needing to rely on their own gardens for fresh food. 

Garden centers are positioned to help our communities and citizens achieve this initiative. In some parts of the country, non-essential businesses may be or have already been forced to close. This includes many of our fellow IGCs, but with some quick pivots, they are finding ways to sell plants and products that are most certainly deemed 'essential' for the public good. 

Here at American Beauties, our goal has always been to promote the importance of Native Plants for our ecosystems and the role they play for pollinators. These plants do not just provide food and shelter for local wildlife; they can also play a huge role in providing sustainable food for humans as well. 

Victory Gardens need not only be about vegetables. They can also include fruit-bearing trees and shrubs—and some of the easiest to grow are native. 

In addition, many native plants that produce berries are incredibly nutritious. Following the tempo of this movement, we can provide both information and products to help our communities get growing for themselves and their neighbors. 

Ways to spread this message through your websites and social media include:

When the current situation that we have unfortunately found ourselves in finally subsides, our country will be stronger, smarter, and more self-sufficient than ever. This will forever change how we do business, and the plants we grow and sell will represent more than just profits; they will be the symbols of how we overcome one of the biggest challenges of our time. They will represent Victory for all.