<i>Aesculus parviflora</i><br>Bottlebrush Buckeye
<i>Aesculus parviflora</i><br>Bottlebrush Buckeye

Aesculus parviflora
Bottlebrush Buckeye

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Butterfly FriendlyFull SunDeer ResistantPart ShadeShadeBird Friendly
Bottlebrush Buckeye
Aesculus parviflora

This beautiful native shrub is prized in European gardens yet underused in this country. The flowers bloom on long stems with milky white petals that resemble bottlebrushes. They flower for an extended period in June and July to the delight of hummingbirds and butterflies. They are at home nestled under large shade trees and work extremely well on embankments for erosion control. Famed plant collector William Bartram first noted this shrub on his travels in 1773-78. Today, the shrub has been awarded with numerous commendations including: the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society, the Theodore Klein Plant Award (Kentucky) and the Gold Medal from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

Blooms in June and July with stunning 12” long, white blossoms
Summer flowers are a magnate for hummingbirds and butterflies
Foliage stays looking good all season and turns bright yellow in fall
Provides cover and nesting for song birds
No pruning required
Remarkably disease resistant

Native Range

Found in rich, mesic woods and moist ravines.

Interesting Facts

Create a pollinator friendly backyard by planting natives plants that attract them. Instead of filling up the feeder with sugar water try planting beautiful, native shrubs like this one and feed your hummers and butterflies their natural and preferred diet. 


Bottlebrush buckeyes thrive in sun to partial shade. They like moist, well-drained soil that’s high in organic matter. Give them room to grow and they will not need pruning.  

Mature Size: 8-12ft. Wide x 8-15ft. Tall

Hardiness Zone: 4-8

Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Full Shade

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