Prunus maritima - Beach Plum

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Beach Plum
Prunus maritima

Ruggedly handsome, this plant's rounded form and deep green foliage feature abundant small white blossoms in mid-spring and 1" diameter plum-like fruit in summer to please native insects, birds and humans equally!  It's perfect to group to create a habitat rich thicket!

  • Tolerates salt, rocky soil and even drought!
  • Birds flock to nest in its branches
  • Easy to grow, low maintenance
  • Attractive fruit is prized by birds and humans
  • Brilliant fire engine red fall foliage
  • Blooms impressively alone or in groups

Native Range

Secondary sand dunes from New Brunswick to Maine and south to Virginia.

Interesting Facts


The Beach Plum is a member of the rose family which includes about 2000 species of trees, shrubs, and herbs worldwide. Other family members include serviceberries, hawthorns, apples, plums and cherries.




Jams and jellies have been made from the plums of this New England native for centuries.  Cape Cod is most famous for this delicacy but all areas of the northeastern seaboard share this heritage.


Mature Size: 6-7ft. Tall x 6-7ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 3-6

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

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