Juniperus virginiana 'Grey Owl' - Red Cedar
Juniperus virginiana 'Grey Owl' - Red Cedar

Juniperus virginiana 'Grey Owl' - Red Cedar

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Full Sun Bird FriendlyButterfly FriendlyDeer Resistant
Eastern Red Cedar
Juniperus virginiana 'Grey Owl'

Great color and great texture make this low, spreading Juniper stands out in the landscape. You'll want to touch its silvery-grey foliage because of its soft, feathery look. Grey Owl is very tolerant and easy to grow. Female selections produce small, round cones that native birds adore.

  • Female plants produce cones that native birds love
  • Provides year-round cover and nesting for birds
  • Excellent drought resistance and deer resistant
  • Host plant for the olive hairstreak butterfly
  • Deer resistant, while providing great cover
  • Perfect for grouping or massing in the landscape

Native Range

Old fields, pastures, roadsides, balds, and margins of swamps from Maine south to Florida and west to the Dakotas and Texas.

Map Credit: The Biota of North America 
Map Key: Green (native), Teal (native, adventive), Blue (present), Yellow (present & rare), Red (extinct)


This form of Eastern Red Cedar is prized for its reddish-brown and aromatic heartwood that is commonly used for cedar chests and closets because it repels insects. The wood is also used for interior finish, fence posts, poles, and pencils.




Mature Size: 2-3ft. Tall x 4-6ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 2-9

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

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