Viburnum prunifolium
Blackhaw Viburnum

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Blackhaw Viburnum
Viburnum prunifolium

Blackhaw is a large, upright, multi-stemmed, densely twiggy deciduous shrub that can be pruned to grow as a small tree. Creamy white flowers in flat-topped clusters to 4.5" across appear in spring. Flowers provide nectar for butterflies, native bees and other pollinators. Flowers give way to blue-black, berry-like fruits, which are a good source of food for birds and wildlife in fall and early winter. This handsome plant has glossy dark green leaves changing to shades of red and purple in fall.

Flowers provide nectar for butterflies and other pollinators
Plants provide excellent nesting sites and cover for birds
Red-purple foliage contrasts with blue-black fruit in the fall
Berries are a great source of food for birds and other wildlife in fall
Grows well in dry soil

Native Range

Woods, thickets, and fencerows; Connecticut to Wisconsin and Iowa south to Kansas, Texas and Georgia.

Interesting Facts

Blackhaw has been in cultivation as an ornamental plant since 1727. The common name is said to refer to the similarity of this plant to hawthorns (sometimes commonly called red haws), though hawthorns are in a different family. Fruits are edible and may be eaten off the bush when ripe or used in jams and preserves.


Easy to grow in full sun or part shade. Plant in well-drained, dry to average soil. Tolerates drought. Prune immediately after flowering since flower buds form in summer for the following year. Can be grown as a large, multi-stemmed shrub or small tree.

Mature Size: 10-12ft. Wide x 6-8ft. Tall

Hardiness Zone: 3-9

Sun Exposure: Part Shade

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