Dalea greggii
Trailing Indigo Bush

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Butterfly FriendlyFull SunDeer ResistantPart Shade
Trailing Indigo Bush
Dalea greggii

Each spring and early summer this shrub is covered with clusters of tiny purple flowers that attract butterflies. The silvery, blue-green foliage adds year round interest. One of the toughest, groundcovers you can find. Especially effective as a soil stabilizer in steep slopes. Drought tolerant.

Essential for native larval and adult butterflies
Native insects and honeybees love its nectar
Superb groundcover for rocky slopes
Rabbit and deer resistant
Perfect for massing for erosion control
Drought tolerant once established

Native Range

Trans-Pecos in TX, southeast in Mexico to Tamaulipas and south as far as Oaxaca. In the northern part of its range, rocky, limestone hills in the Chihuahuan Desert; 2000 to 5000 ft.

Interesting Facts

If you would like to see more butterflies in your garden it is important to make sure you have plants that provide food for the larval (caterpillar) stages. Although caterpillars feed on the leaves of the host plant, the damage is usually minimal.


Prune back to the main stem annually in early winter or early spring, before new growth begins. Should be allowed to mound, not attractive when edged or sheared; cut back only to remove woody buildup and restore herbaceous character.

Mature Size: 1-2ft. Tall x 6-8ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 8-13

Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

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