Aster novae-angliae 'Alma Potchke'
New England Aster

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Butterfly FriendlyDeer ResistantPart Shade
New England Aster
Aster novae-angliae 'Alma Potchke'

Clusters of showy, neon pink flowers are borne on tall, leafy stems. It’s a great accent to other purple and blue flowering asters, not to mention native grasses. Plant in groups or naturalized drifts in borders or meadows for the most impact. Asters are an important nectar source for late season butterflies and migrating Monarchs.


Attracts butterflies
Striking color
Does not need to be staked
Good cut flower
Grows in sun or light shade

Native Range

Moist meadows, open woods, fields; Massachusetts and Vermont to North Dakota and Wyoming south to New Mexico and Virginia; Maine to the Rockies south to northern Texas and Georgia

Distribution Maps by State and County

Interesting Facts

Monarchs east of the Rocky Mountains migrate to a mountainous area west of Mexico City. Butterflies gain energy from nectar plants like asters to fuel their long southward migration.


Plant in full sun or light shade in moist, well-drained soil. Mix with native grasses and goldenrods (Solidago) and Aster 'Purple Dome' for a spectacular display in the fall. Plant in an area with good air circulation to prevent powdery mildew.

Mature Size: 30-40in. Tall x 24-30in. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 3-8

Sun Exposure: Part Shade

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