Amorpha fruticosa
False Indigo Bush

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False Indigo Bush
Amorpha fruticosa

False Indigo Bush, Amorpha fruticosa, is a loose shrub with fine textured, fragrant foliage. Brilliant purple spikes of flowers bloom from April to June. Amorpha fruticosa makes a great native substitute for Butterfly Bush and is great in spots that are too wet for other spring bloomers.

Tolerates wet soils
Pollinated by a variety of native bees
Host plant for several species of butterflies
Flowers for an extended period
Unique deep purple flowers

Native Range

False Indigo Bush is found in open fields, moist meadows and along streams and other bodies of water throughout North America. USDA Distribution Map

Interesting Facts


Grow Amorpha fruticosa in moist or average soils in full sun or part shade. Prefers some shade in hot climates and does not like extended periods of drought.

Mature Size: 6-10ft. Tall x 10-15ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Sun Exposure:

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