Liatris aspera
Rough Blazing Star

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Rough Blazing Star
Liatris aspera

Don't be fooled by the name! This Blazing Star is anything but rough, having delicate lavender tassel-like flowers in late summer. Multiple stems break from the soil in with narrow, strap-like leaves. Buds open in August to display a spike of frilly, purplish tufted flower. This native is showy in groups and a magnet for birds who enjoy the seed and hummingbirds who love the nectar. Attracts tiger swallowtail, clouded sulphur, orange sulphur, gray hairstreak, aphrodite fritillary, painted lady, red admiral, and wood nymphs. The caterpillars of the rare Glorious Flower Moth feed on the flowers and seed capsules of this and other Liatris species.  Looks great with other Liatris species, Echinacea (Coneflower), Silene (Royal catchfly), and prairie grasses in a formal or naturalized meadow garden.      

Butterfly and humming bird magnate!
Beautiful pink to purple blossoms flower from the top down
Attracts all kinds of native bees
Great for late season color in the garden
Easy to grow and drought tolerant


Native Range

Open woods and meadows from North Dakota south to Texas and east to Virginia and New York.

Interesting Facts

A butterfly house is used to give butterflies a place to roost over the winter. Place yor butterfly house in a location with ample cover suvh as a forested area or shrub border where they might normally congregate.


An easy to grow perennial with a preference for dry to average, well-drained soil in full sun. Tolerant of poor soils, drought, summer heat and humidity but will not tolerate wet soils in winter. 

Mature Size: 3-4ft. Tall x 12-18in. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 3-8

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

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