Mitchella repens
Partridge Berry

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Partridge Berry
Mitchella repens

Partridgeberry is a ground hugging vine that forms a shiny mat of tiny evergreen leaves under the shade of shrubs and trees. Its foliage is stiking and provides a stunning backdrop to long, tubular, white, fragrant flowers in spring and striking red berries in fall. The berries are a favorite of many birds including; ruffed grouse, bobwhite quail and turkeys.

Forms a dense mat even in deep shade
Bright red berries provide striking contrast
White, tubular flowers are fragrant and dainty
Excellent in rock and crevice gardens
Native birds love the berries in fall and winter

Native Range

Acidic soils in moist woodlands from Maine to Florida west to Minnesota and Texas.

Interesting Facts

Many Eastern Native Americans, used Partridge Berry leaves for all kinds of medicinal purposes including relief from rheumatism, dysentery, fever, kidney disorders and even in a tea to aid in childbirth.

A pair of flowers yields one berry, hence the additional common name of twin berry for this plant.


Great evergreen groundcover for shady, undisturbed locations. Needs to be kept moist, plant is full to part shade.

Mature Size: 4-6in. Tall x 3-5in. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 3-9

Sun Exposure: Part Shade to Full Shade

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