<i>Chamaecyparis thyoides</i> 'Top Point'<br>Atlantic White Cedar
<i>Chamaecyparis thyoides</i> 'Top Point'<br>Atlantic White Cedar

Chamaecyparis thyoides 'Top Point'
Atlantic White Cedar

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Atlantic White Cedar
Chamaecyparis thyoides 'Top Point'

This little beauty is a great evergreen for small gardens or for grouping in larger landscapes. 'Top Point' White Cedar is a truly dwarf evergreen, growing only 3" per year and reaching only four feet at maturity. Its blue foliage is soft in appearance and makes a tidy foundation planting that can also serve as the backdrop for herbaceous perennials. 'Top Point' grows slowly, so it is ideal for container combinations. Its tolerance for wet soils makes White Cedar a great choice for rain gardens or detention ponds.

  • Juvenile foliage has an attractive blue cast
  • Striking plum to bronze winter foliage color
  • Slow growing and perfect for containers
  • Easy to grow and tolerant of moisture and partial shade
  • Provides cover and food for songbirds
  • Perfect specimen for small spaces

Native Range

Chamaecyparis thyoides is found in damp meadows and swamps from Maine to Mississippi. USDA Distribution Map

Interesting Facts




Grow Atlantic White Cedar in moist to average soil and full sun. It is not tolerant of shade. In a container, consistent moisture is essential. Chamaecyparis thyoides is tolerant of periodic inundation as well as brief periods of drought.


Mature Size: 4-5ft. Tall x 18-24in. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

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