Corylus americana 'Little Filly' - Little Filly American hazelnut

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Little Filly American hazelnut
Corylus americana 'Little Filly'

This new selection of American hazelnut has a compact form and is small enough to fit in any garden. This is easy to grow in moist, well-drained soil in full sun or part shade. It will even tolerate poor soil in dry and shady sites once established. It blooms in early spring with both male and female flowers. A single plant will produce nuts however, planting more than one will ensure a better crop of nuts. This is an outstanding plant for wildlife. Spring flowers attract native bees and butterflies. The nuts provide food for squirrels, fox, grouse, turkey, woodpeckers and pheasants. The dense branching provides good nesting sites for birds. The fall color is variable ranging from orange, rose, purplish red and yellow. 



Spring flowers attract native bees and butterflies
Compact habit, perfect for smaller gardens
Birds and other wildlife eat the nuts
Great for tough sites, poor soil and dry, shady sites
Fall color extends your season of enjoyment

Native Range

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American Hazelnut is a unisex species, with separate male and female parts on the same branch. A single shrub will produce some nuts, but as a wind-pollinated species 3-5 shrubs are recommended for optimal nut production. 


The nuts taste simmilar to European hazelnuts but in general, people here leave them for the birds. 

Mature Size: 24-in. Tall x 28-in. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 4-8

Sun Exposure: Part Shade

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