Amelanchier alnifolia
Western Serviceberry

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Western Serviceberry
Amelanchier alnifolia

Clusters of fragrant white flowers emerge in early April just before the small, light-green, oval leaves appear. Attracts a wide variety of butterflies. Small, sweet, blue berries ripen in summer and are loved by people and songbirds. Orange to red fall foliage is spectacular and long lasting.

Early white blossoms have a sweet fragrance
Attracts orange tip and elfin butterflies
Perfect upright tree for small spaces
Sweet berries can be eaten fresh or dried
Birds love its berries and protective cover

Native Range

Washington south to California, east to Minnesota and Iowa.

Interesting Facts

The sweet fruit ripens in early summer along the coast, a bit later inland.  The fruit has long been prized fresh and in baking. It has a high antioxidant level. Native Americans prized its wood for arrows and pipe stems.


Mature Size: 10-15ft. Wide x 6-10ft. Tall

Hardiness Zone: 2-7

Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

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