Salvia clevelandii
Cleveland Sage

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Butterfly FriendlyFull SunDeer ResistantPart ShadeBird Friendly
Cleveland Sage
Salvia clevelandii

Long stems of amethyst blooms are backed by extremely fragrant ash-green foliage. The flowers bloom in spring and early summer attracting hummingbirds and butterflies in droves. Grows quickly in full sun sites with good drainage. Best for the back of the border in naturalized landscapes. 

Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies
Quail find shelter under the dense branches
One of the most fragrant of all native sages
May be used in cooking in place of European sage
Rarely if ever troubled by deer or rabbits
Fast growing, drought tolerant, low maintenance

Native Range

Found from southern California to Mexico on dry slopes below 3000 ft.

Interesting Facts

Dense perennials like Cleveland Sage provide shelter for quail and protection from predators. Females select nesting sites on the ground under shrubs like this and incubate their eggs for 21-24 days. The chicks leave the nest within hours of hatching.


In the landscape, this grey-leaved woody shrubor perennial can be cut back every other year and deadheaded, (removing spent flowers), whenever necessary.

Mature Size: 4-6ft. Tall x 4-6ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 7-11

Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

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