Acer pensylvanicum
Goosfoot Maple

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Goosfoot Maple / Striped Maple
Acer pensylvanicum

Striped Maple is an important wildlife food, a favorite for many woodland critters and its nectar is important to honeybees. Typically grown as a small tree it can also grow as a large shrub in the wild.


  • Ruffled grouse frequently feed on the new buds
  • Yellow flowers bloom in May
  • Unique striped bark adds ornamental value in winter
  • Whistles can be carved from the branches
  • Great fall color

Native Range


Interesting Facts

Acer pensylvanicum has so many common names -

  • Striped Maple and Snakebark Maple for its interesting bark pattern. 
  • Moosewood - because moose and white-tailed deer often browse the leaves and tender twigs.
  • Whistelwood - because whistles can easily be crafted from the branches
  • Goosfoot Maple - The leaves resemble a goose foot




Mature Size: 15-20ft. Tall x 12-20ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 3-7

Sun Exposure: Full Shade

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