Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania Sedge

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Deer ResistantPart ShadeShadeBird Friendly
Pennsylvania Sedge
Carex pensylvanica

This sedge forms short clusters and spreads slowly by rhizomes to form a lush carpet. This thick mat of growth provides excellent seasonal cover for foraging small songbirds and the insects and other small animals they love to eat. Reddish-brown, thimble-like flowers top the narrow, fine textured leaves in spring. A number of birds and small mammals feed on the seeds.

Excellent ground cover for dry shade
Provides seasonal cover for birds and other woodland wildlife
Birds and small mammals feed on the seed
Semi-evergreen lawn alternative
Deer resistant

Native Range

From Southern Maine west to Wisconsin south to Arkansas and Georgia.

Interesting Facts

Most ornamental sedges grow best in moist or wet soil, but Pennsylvania Sedge is an exception to that rule. It thrives in dry soil and remains lush while binding the soil with its dense roots.


Grows easily in full sun, part shade and shade. Ideal for planting under deciduous trees. Plant in well-drained soil with average moisture. Will grow in infertile, slightly acidic soil, dry soil.

Mature Size: 6-8in. Tall x 6-8in. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 4-8

Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Full Shade

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