Planting Native Plants

Planting American Beauties Native Plants

Quick Tips for Planting your New Native Plants

  • Make sure your plants are well watered before you begin
  • Use your plant tags to help you choose an appropriate site
  • Make sure your plant still fit the area when it is mature, look up to avoid planting under power lines when planting trees
  • Dig a hole as deep as the pot but about twice as wide.
  • Mix some of the soil you removed with well-decomposed manure or compost
  • Remove the plant from the pot and inspect it for dead or broken roots and remove them, circling or girdling roots should also be removed
  • Do your best to loosen the roots in the root ball so they will not continue to grow in a circle as they often do in pots
  • Center the plant in the whole and turn until the best side is facing forward
  • Check that you are not planting too deep or too shallow
  • Backfill with amended soil and work it into the hole to avoid air pockets
  • Water well but gently so the water doesn’t just run off
  • Avoid fertilizing until the root system is re-established
  • Mulch with 2-4 inches of composted, organic mulch (wood chips, leaves, etc.) leaving a several inches between the plant stem and the mulch