Calycanthus floridus
Eastern Sweetshrub

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Eastern Sweetshrub
Calycanthus floridus

There is so much to love about this shrub. The burgundy, wine-red blossoms, leaves and twigs are all fragrant. The sweet aroma attracts numerous insects that in turn attract large numbers of birds. The dense branching habit provides nesting and cover for a wide variety of birds and other small animals. It is adaptable to a wide range of light and soil types. Try to plant it near your outdoor living space where you will be able to enjoy the fruity scent. This is a delightfully, easy to grow shrub that belongs in every garden.

Unusual, wine-red flowers bloom in spring and early summer
Valued for the sweet, fruity fragrance of its flowers
The fragrance attracts numerous insects that in turn attract birds
Use dried flowers, leaves, and twigs to make potpourri
Lustrous, dark green foliage turns golden-yellow in autumn
Sweetshrubs have no serious insect or disease problems

Native Range

Found in wood openings and edges, stream banks and moist hillsides.

Interesting Facts

There seems to be variation in the amount of fragrance the blossoms have from plant to plant. The fragrance is also believed to become stronger as the shrub matures.  If possible smell the flowers before purchasing.


Highly adaptable to many soil types but prefers moist soil in light shade. Maintenance is easy. If needed, prune branches after the plant flowers. No serious pest or disease problems.

Mature Size: 6-9ft. Tall x 6-12ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 5-9

Sun Exposure: Part Shade

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