Cheilanthes lanosa
Hairy lipfern

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Hairy lipfern
Cheilanthes lanosa

Cheilanthes lanosa is a soft-textured fern with fuzzy green leaflets along a chestnut brown stipe. It is a great choice for rock walls and shady trough gardens, but performs beautifully in average well-drained garden soil and in containers with regular potting mix. Hairy Lip Fern can also be grown as a "nook and cranny" plant that you can tuck into rock walls and othe tight spaces. Perfect respite for woodland animals when grouped.

Unusual fern that prefers sun and hot, dry conditions
Provided cover for small mammals and reptiles
Easy to grow, looks great tucked into rock walls
Covered with scales or hairs to slow water loss
Winter hardy but needs protection from wet conditions

Native Range

Kansas to Connecticut, south to the Gulf Coast on rocky granitic slopes and ledges.

Interesting Facts

The species name 'lanosa' means "wooly" or "softly hairy" - an accurate description of the frond surface which is an adaptation to dry conditions.


Mature Size: 6-8in. Tall x 12-15in. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 5-8

Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

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