Chelone obliqua 'Tiny Tortuga' - Turtlehead

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A tiny turtlehead with all the flower power of its taller brothers, this native cultivar features uniquely shaped, hot pink blooms atop lustrous dark green leaves with a bronzy sheen. Flowers reminiscent of turtles' mouths persist from mid-summer into fall, a favorite of butterflies but distasteful to deer. It's very compact habit is a great choice for mixed containers, or let it spread ever so slowly in the landscape along pond and stream edges, rain gardens, or perennial borders.

  • Bright pink flowers shine above the deep green foliage
  • Attracts butterflies, bumblebees and hummingbirds
  • Great for pond and stream edges, rain gardens or perennial borders
  • Bitter foliage is avoided by deer and rabbits
  • Dwarf compact habit, great for containers

Native Range

Found in nutrient-rich leaf mold of the forest floor or creek bank.

Map Credit: The Biota of North America 
Map Key: Green (native), Teal (native, adventive), Blue (present), Yellow (present & rare), Red (extinc


Interesting Facts

Chelone (rhymes with "baloney") was a nymph in Greek mythology who insulted the gods by ridiculing or not attending (versions vary) the marriage of Zeus to Hera. The gods punished her by turning her into a turtle.




Prefers deep, rich soil but other than that needs no special care other than consistent moisture.


Mature Size: 18-24"T x 12-16"W

Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade

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