Dalea purpurea
Purple Prairie Clover

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Full Sun
Purple Prairie Clover
Dalea purpurea

Easy to grow and adaptable, Purple Prairie Clover has hundreds of red violet flowers from midsummer to fall.  This prairie wildflower is irresistible to garden visitors and its long bloom time makes it a great plant for gardens and meadows alike. Intensely red-violet flowers punctuate the stiff, upright stems, adding a nice structural element and its color combines well with yellows, blues and pinks. Daleas are deep-rooted legumes and Purple Prairie Clover in particular adds valuable nitrogen to the soil and helps keep it fertile for neighboring plants. It adapts well to many different soil types and even tolerates clay. Dalea purpurea is a wonderful native alternative to Bachelor's Buttons in a wildflower planting.

  • Drought Tolerant
  • Easy to Grow
  • Naturalizes Well
  • Combines well with grasses and other perennials
  • Provides nitrogen for other plants

Native Range

Dalea purpurea occurs in glades, rocky open woods and prairies from New York to Alberta, south to Arizona and Georgia. For full range by state see the USDA Distribution Map

Interesting Facts

Purple prairie clover is frequently used in seed mixes for erosion control due to its ability to establish on disturbed sites and its capability to condition soil with nitrogen. New growth of this native legume is high in protein and is nutritious for grazing wildlife, however it does not seem to be attractive to deer.


Purple Prairie Clover is easily grown in a sunny location and average to dry soils.

Mature Size: 1-2ft. Tall x 1-2ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 3-9

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

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