Eriophyllum lanatum
Common Woolly Sunflower

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Common Woolly Sunflower
Eriophyllum lanatum

This short, dense perennial features 2" bright yellow ray flowers above a mound silvery-gray foliage covered with tiny hairs that give this plant its name. Its long summer bloom time attracts a multitude of local pollinators and its size makes it perfect for mixing and grouping in a sunny border.

Masses of bright yellow daisies in summer
Silvery foliage offers great contrast and texture
Flowers are a native insect magnet!
An essential nectar source for native butterflies
Drought tolerant
Perfect for grouping in sunny areas

Native Range

Dry, open, often rocky areas at low to mid-elevations from British Columbia south to California and east to Montana and Utah.

Interesting Facts

The Wooly Sunflower's stems and leaves are covered with wooly gray hairs that conserve water by reflecting heat and reducing air movement across the leaf's surface. The hairs impart an attractive, dusty gray color to the plant.


Mature Size: 12-24in. Tall x 15-18in. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 5-10

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

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