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Geranium maculatum - wild spotted geranium

Geranium maculatum - wild spotted geranium

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Bird FriendlyButterfly FriendlyDeer ResistantPart Shade
Geranium maculatum

Large, dark green, palmate leaves form a rounded bush covered in buds that burst into bloom in April with 1" diameter pink to purple flowers that are prized by native insects. Each plant offers great cover for woodland critters while thriving in shady, moist areas.

  • An early source of nectar for native insects
  • Provides cover for wildlife
  • Showy flowers attract butterflies
  • Carefree and virtually pest-free
  • Thrives in moist, shady areas
  • Deer resistant

Native Range

Woods and clearings; Maine to Manitoba south to northeastern Oklahoma and South Carolina.

Map Credit: The Biota of North America 
Map Key: Green (native), Teal (native, adventive), Blue (present), Yellow (present & rare), Red (extinct)


Shelter, along with water, food and nesting places are the four essential elements for wildlife habitat. You can provide food, nesting and cover for wildlife by planting native plants.



Easy to grow in average, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Does well in a variety of soil types, including dry soils. Will naturalize by self-seeding in optimum growing conditions. If foliage declines during a hot dry summer, cut plants back lightly.


Mature Size: 18-24"T x 18-24"W

Hardiness Zone: 5-9

Sun Exposure: Full sun to shade

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