Leucothoe axillaris 'Squirt' - Squirt Compact Leucothoe

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Squirt Compact Leucothoe
Leucothoe axillaris 'Squirt'

As the name implies, ‘Squirt’ is more compact than other dwarf species of leucothoe. Its rich mahogany and copper-toned new growth really stands out against the glossy, hunter green leaves. Honeybees love the nectar from the fragrant, white, bell-shaped flowers. The low spreading form provides shelter for birds and other wildlife all year long. This woodland native can be used as an understory shrub, in the border or on slopes along creek beds and ponds. Looks great planted with Azaleas and Rhododendrons. This plant comes to us from UpShoot and was a chance seedling found by Patty Zampini in Perry, OH.

White, bell-shaped flowers attract honeybees
This evergreen provides shelter for birds all year
More compact habit, no pruning needed
Mahogany and copper-toned new growth really stands out

Native Range

Found from Virginia to the Florida panhandle and west to Louisiana.

Interesting Facts

This plant is sometimes called doghobble because it can form impenetrable thickets in nature that hindered hunting from horseback and dogs alike. 


 Sunny sites or shade will do as long as the soil is moist, well-drained and slightly acidic. 

Mature Size: 18-24in. Tall x 3-ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 5-9

Sun Exposure: Part Shade to Full Shade

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