Monarda didyma 'Petite Delight'

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Monarda didyma 'Petite Delight'
The new and distinctive perennial Monarda (Bee Balm) variety of the present invention was the result of a breeding program involving open pollinated and controlled crosses that was carried out at Morden, Manitoba, Canada. The initial female parent (i.e., the seed parent) was Monarda didyma `Cambridge Scarlet` (non-patented in the United States) and the initial male parent (i.e., the pollen parent) was Monarda fistulosa menthaefolia (non-patented in the United States). The initial cross created the `Souris` variety (non-patented in the United States). Plants designated `60-1`, `62-0`, `64-8`, `66-1`, `76-1` and `75-1` were created in subsequent generations through the open pollination of the `Souris` variety and offspring that were derived from the `Souris` variety. Plants `76-1` and `75-1` next were crossed to create a plant designated `78-1`. The open polination of plant `78-1` resulted in the creation of the `Marshall's Delight` variety (non-patented in the United States). See, HortScience, 24(3):525 (1989) where the `Marshalls Delight` variety is discussed. Next, the `Marshall's Delight` variety was open pollinated to form a plant designated `86-2`. Plant `86-2` subsequently was open pollinated to form offspring from which the new variety of the present invention was selected during 1988. The single plant of the new variety found among the offspring initially was designated `88-12`.

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Mature Size: 12-15in. Tall x -12in. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 3-8

Sun Exposure: Part Shade

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