Myrica pensylvanica - Northern Bayberry
Myrica pensylvanica - Northern Bayberry

Myrica pensylvanica - Northern Bayberry

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Deer ResistantRain GardenPart ShadeBird Friendly
Northern Bayberry
Myrica pensylvanica

Densely held, very aromatic foliage along with a thick branching habit form a wide, flowing shrub that thrives in a multitude of exposures and soils. In the winter birds love the waxy gray berries and the dense foliage for cover while it provides cover for other garden critters year-round.

  • Great winter food source for many birds
  • Tolerates drought and very sandy soils
  • Thrives at the seaside and holds soil well
  • Very aromatic foliage
  • Great cover for many garden critters

Native Range

Coastal areas of maritime Canada south to North Carolina


Native stands of this plant provided an essential supply of aromatic oils that were used historically to manufacture soaps, candles and other household products. Still used today to make bayberry candles.



Great for a rain garden or moist to wet location in your garden.


Mature Size: 5-6ft. Tall x 8-10ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 3

Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

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