Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Sky'

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Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Sky'

‘Prairie Sky’ grows straight up with steel-blue foliage that turns yellow in late autumn. It is considered one of the bluest varieties of switch grass. The fine textured flowers have a reddish hue. The seeds provide an abundant source of winter food for songbirds. Looks terrific massed, planted as a screen or in the back of a border. Drought and black walnut tolerant. Great for erosion control. 

Great winter food source for songbirds
Showy reddish flowers in late summer
Yellow fall color, three season interest
Easy to grow in full sun
Flowers are great for cutting and dried flower arrangements
Provides cover for beneficial wildlife

Native Range

Woodlands edge, breaks, fields, marshes, prairies and roadsides; Nova Scotia to Manitoba south to New Mexico and Florida.

Interesting Facts

Clumping grasses like this are also known as bunch grasses. Use these grasses en masse to provide ideal wildlife habitat.


Easy to grow in full sun to light shade. Tolerates wide range of soils, including dry ones, but prefers moist, sandy or clay soils. Leave foliage in place for winter interest and to provide homes for over-wintering critters. Cut back to the ground in late winter before new growth begins.

Mature Size: 4-6ft. Wide x 2-3ft. Tall

Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Sun Exposure:

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