Rhododendron canadense

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Rhododendron canadense

This small, deciduous shrub lights up wet, woodland areas with it's delightful purplish-pink flowers. The blossoms emerge just before the gray-green foliage in early May. It thrives in moist, shady landscapes and is perfect for grouping. It is a great nectar source a host of butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects.

Host plant for the Columbia silk moth
Nectar source for a raft of butterflies
An essential plant for native bees and insects
Early, colorful bloom
Thrives in shade and semi-shade
Prefers moist, woodland soils

Native Range

Found in swamps, moist, high altitude woods.

Interesting Facts

Rhodora plays an important part in the life cycle of the Bog Elfin Butterfly. The caterpillars feed exclusively on Black Spruce that often grows in the same vicinity. When the butterflies hatch Rhodora flowers provide an essential nearby food source.


This is a cool climate shrub.  Grows best in moist acid or peaty soil in sun or part shade.

Mature Size: 2-4ft. Wide x 2-4ft. Tall

Hardiness Zone: 3-6

Sun Exposure: Part Shade to Full Shade

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