Rhododendron diversipilosum 'Milky Way'
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Labrador Tea
Rhododendron diversipilosum 'Milky Way'

This plant is aptly named, for when it blooms in spring, it is blanketed with what appear to be a million white stars. The distinctive foliage is small and hairy. The attractive evergreen foliage is deep green and wooly underneath. 'Milky Way' is a tough and adaptable plant, but performs best in a moist, well-drained organic soil in sun or light shade.


Attracts butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects
Dark green, evergreen foliage
Trusses of small white flowers in early May
Strong spring bloomer
Tolerates moist soils better than other Rhododendron
Compact form make it prefect for grouping in semi-shaded areas

Native Range

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Interesting Facts


Thrives in partial shade. Feed yearly with an organic fertilizer. Prune to shape immediately after bloom is finished. Prune back branches to just above a leaf.

Mature Size: 3-4ft. Tall x 4-5ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 3-6

Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

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