Rhododendron prunifolium
Plum Leaf Azalea

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Plum Leaf Azalea
Rhododendron prunifolium

The plum leaf azalea is rare in nature and is being considered for the Endangered Species List by the federal government. It flowers in July, when most plants are past bloom, bringing a welcome pop of orange-red flowers. Plant with other native azalea for an extended season of blooms. The hummingbirds will be happy for the sweet nectar in mid-summer too. Should be grown with afternoon shade to prolong the bloom period during hot summer months. Perfect for the woodland garden and also looks natural planted under tall live oaks and pines.

Blooms in July after most flowering shrubs are past bloom
Flowers appear in a range of colors from orange to vivid red
Attracts hummingbirds and native bees
The rarest of our Eastern native deciduous azaleas
With afternoon shade it performs well in the south

Native Range

Found in sandy ravines and along stream banks.

Interesting Facts

The average ruby-throated hummingbird weighs 3 grams. In comparison, a nickel weighs 4.5 grams. The bee hummingbird is the smallest species and measures just 2.25 inches long.


Ideally, azaleas like morning sun and filtered shade during the hottest part of the day. They can tolerate more sun if moisture is available. They prefer evenly moist yet well-drained soil, making them perfect for a woodland slope where the water would drain well. Rhododendrons and azaleas need slightly acidic soil that is rich in organic matter. Mulching helps keep the soil cool and moist. Prune after flowering if needed. 

Mature Size: 8-12ft. Tall x 6-8ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 5-8

Sun Exposure: Part Shade to Full Shade

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