Rosa carolina
Pasture Rose

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Butterfly FriendlyPart Shade
Pasture Rose
Rosa carolina
The fragrant pink flowers bloom in summer and provide nectar for native bees and butterflies, giving way to smooth red hips eaten by birds. This shrub is perfect for wet soil. Spreads slowly by suckers, its gracefully arching branches provide nesting spots for birds and creatures.
Flowers provide pollen for native bees and other beneficials
Rose hips are relished by pheasant, bobwhite and more
Delicate, fragrant pink flowers
Rose hips are great for making jam

Native Range

Dry prairies, open woods and thickets from Ontario and Quebec, south to the Gulf Coast, as far west as Texas and Nebraska.

Interesting Facts

The rose hip from the Carolina Rose has a Vitamin C content 60 times greater than lemons and can be made into jams or steeped to make rose hip tea.


The preference is full to partial sun, average to dry moisture conditions, and a loamy soil. Prune in late winter to early spring. 

Mature Size: 4-6ft. Tall x 4-6ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Sun Exposure: Part Shade

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