Silene caroliniana 'Short and Sweet' - Wild Pinks or Catchfly

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Wild Pinks or Catchfly
Silene caroliniana 'Short and Sweet'

Delightful, compact and easy to grow, Silene caroliniana is an excellent choice for bright shade or full sun. It is covered in deep pink flowers in late spring. Very reliable for us through wet and dry seasons for three years now and in a cool spring it seems to bloom forever - one year we tracked 8 weeks of full bloom! A great native substitute for Dianthus, this Silene has similar appearance and bloom time, but tolerates a wider variety of garden situations. Silene 'Short and Sweet' is a fantastic plant for naturalizing, yet it can hold its own as a specimen in a container or patio garden as well.

North Creek Unique™ - This unique assortment has been discovered or introduced to the trade and shared with the world by North Creek Nursery. 


Long lived, showy bloom
Butterflies flock to it nectar filled bloom
Hummingbirds love its color and nectar
Perfect for grouping in the front of a garden
Easy to grow and tolerates drier areas
Outstanding in spring containers

Native Range

Silene caroliniana can be found in rocky, calcareous woods and outcrops from New Hampshire to Ohio, south to Alabama.

Interesting Facts

Hummingbirds have virtually no sense of smell. The flowers that attract them have bright colors like red and most have little or no fragrance. They are vibrantly colored and nectar filled to call hummingbirds for needed pollination duties.


Silene caroliniana prefers full sun, part shade or shade, though blooms are less numerous in shade. Soil should have average to good drainage and not be wet for extended periods. Though often found in limestone outcrops, S. caroliniana is not particular about pH.

Mature Size: 6-8in. Tall x 10-15in. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 4-7

Sun Exposure: Part Shade

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