Spiraea alba var. latifolia

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Butterfly FriendlyDeer ResistantRain GardenPart Shade
Spiraea alba var. latifolia

An underused, lovely native shrub for moist, sunny sites. It flowers in mid- to late summer with white, sometimes pink, fragrant blossoms. Butterflies and other beneficial insects visit the plant for nectar and pollen. In autumn brown seed capsules appear and are fed on by songbirds. Glossy green foliage turns yellow in the fall. Deer tend to leave this plant alone. Meadowsweet is a host plant for the larvae of the spring azure butterfly.

Attracts butterflies and native bees
Fragrant flowers in mid to late summer
Songbirds eat the seed in autumn
Tolerates moist, even wet soil
Deer Resistant

Native Range

Found on moist slopes and meadows.

Interesting Facts

Spring and Summer azure butterflies inhabit woodland edges and openings, and readily visit garden flowers. Meadowsweet is a host plant for azure butterflies. Atlantic azure is found in forested areas, often near bogs and cedar swamps.


Easy to grow in moist or wet, sunny sites. Tolerant of a wide variety of soil types. Responds well to pruning.

Mature Size: 2-4ft. Tall x 2-4ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 3-7

Sun Exposure: Part Shade

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