Stokesia laevis 'Colorwheel' - Stokes' aster

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Butterfly FriendlyFull SunDeer ResistantPart Shade
Stokes' aster
Stokesia laevis 'Colorwheel'

As the name suggests ‘Colorwheel’ features an array colors on one single plant. The blossoms start out white then mature to lavender and deep purple. Great for massing in a perennial border. The plants will continue to bloom throughout the season if you remove the spent flowers. Drought tolerant once established and rabbits don’t seem to care for them. Perfect for cutting a fresh bouquet.


Blooms with multi-colored flowers in shades of white to purple
Continues to bloom throughout the season if you remove spent flowers
Great nectar source for butterflies
Low maintenance, low growing groundcover
Adapts to many conditions except wet ones

Native Range

Found in coastal plains, bogs, pine savannah and open woodlands.


Butterflies can't fly if they're cold.
 Since they're cold-blooded animals, they can't regulate their own body temperatures. If the air temperature falls below 55ºF, butterflies are rendered immobile, unable to flee from predators or feed. When air temperatures range between 82º-100ºF, butterflies can fly with ease. 


Mature Size: 12-18in. Tall x 12-18in. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 4-8

Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

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