Viola glabella
Pioneer Violet

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Pioneer Violet
Viola glabella

Large, green, heart shaped leaves create a blanket of ground-hugging foliage that looks good from spring through fall. Starting in March, yellow flowers emerge, featuring the two lower petals marked with purple veins to act as a landing platform for nectar-seeking insects. Long blooming and easy to grow.

Easy to grow and perfect for massing in rockeries
Larval food source for many fritillary butterflies
A key nectar source for native insects
Good groundcover for shady areas
Long bloom is attractive in the landscape
Will tolerate wet soils

Native Range

Moist woods and stream banks from Alaska south to California and east to Montana and Idaho

Interesting Facts

Butterflies are active during the day.  They use their colors to attract a mate or to warn predators that they are unpleasant to eat. In contrast, moths are usually dull in color and are active at dusk or during the night.


Plant in moist soil with part shade. It will spread quickly via seed and rhizomes to form a great groundcover.

Mature Size: 10-12in. Tall x 12-15in. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 5-8

Sun Exposure: Part Shade to Full Shade

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