Yucca filamentosa
Adam's Needle

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Butterfly FriendlyDeer ResistantBird Friendly
Adam's Needle
Yucca filamentosa

This extremely tough, drought tolerant plant forms a rounded, spreading mound of long, pointed, deep green, spear-like evergreen foliage that gives rise to towering flower stems.  Large, white, bell-like flowers open atop these stems in June thru July and will show nicely grouped in a sunny garden.

Great summer nectar source for butterflies
Seed from past flowers is a bird delicacy
Thick, spiky foliage offers great critter cover
Easy and rewarding to grow
Perfect for shrub, perennial or container gardens

Native Range

Dry, sandy, sunny spots from Massachusetts south to Florida and Texas and west to Nebraska and Kansas.

Interesting Facts

The yucca plant and the yucca moth are totally dependent upon one another for their existence. This unique relationship is known as mutualism.


Easily grown in light, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerantes poor, sandy soils and light shade.

Mature Size: 2-3ft. Tall x 3-4ft. Wide

Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Sun Exposure:

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